Veterans’ Day ’08


Although I spent most of Veterans’ Day rolling around in bed trying to forget that there were still three days left in the work week, I took time to check out the Green-Wood Cemetery and break in the new camera. For the uninformed, The Green-Wood Cemetery is a photographer’s paradise of bleak statues, shrouded by the changing leaves, flanked by tattered American flags. It’s like a big, depressing Wilco song that you can walk through. Still, taking pictures of the tiny American Flags placed in front of the gravestones of the formerly unkown Civil War Veterans was surprisingly moving for a dirty, America-hating hippie scumsucker (not my words) like myself.

There are probably only a few more weeks where it will be warm enough to comfortably wander the cemetery grounds, so check it out while there’s still time. Photos below the cut.






More photos on Flickr.


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