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Veterans’ Day ’08

November 12, 2008


Although I spent most of Veterans’ Day rolling around in bed trying to forget that there were still three days left in the work week, I took time to check out the Green-Wood Cemetery and break in the new camera. For the uninformed, The Green-Wood Cemetery is a photographer’s paradise of bleak statues, shrouded by the changing leaves, flanked by tattered American flags. It’s like a big, depressing Wilco song that you can walk through. Still, taking pictures of the tiny American Flags placed in front of the gravestones of the formerly unkown Civil War Veterans was surprisingly moving for a dirty, America-hating hippie scumsucker (not my words) like myself.

There are probably only a few more weeks where it will be warm enough to comfortably wander the cemetery grounds, so check it out while there’s still time. Photos below the cut. (more…)


New Post at Paste NYC

November 9, 2008

An old review of Les Savy Fav’s show at the Music Hall of W’burg. Check it out.

Deerhunter, Deerhoof, Deer… Tick

November 9, 2008


Good grief! Does the world need another “Deer” band? After Deerhunter and Deerhoof, it seemed like indie rock’s obsession with the word “deer” had become pasé — kinda like what happened with all those “Wolf” bands in  2006. But alas, it looks like we’ll have to make room for one more: Deer Tick.

This Brooklyn via Rhode Island band exists in the grey area between folk and alt country where so many Dylan fans inevitably end up. John McCauley’s vocals are appropriately raspy and the band sounds like a less gothic version of The Veils. Deer Tick also has a penchant for great covers like my secret favorite song Beautiful Girls.” Deer Tick strips way Mr. Kingston’s kitchy drum machines and gimmicky Auto-Tuned vocals and turns into a Temptations-like old-school stomp. The results are pretty fantastic. 

Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)
These Old Shoes
What Kind of Fool Am I (Sammy Davis Jr. Cover)

Deer Tick is prepping to re-release their impeccable War Elephant album this Tuesday on Partisan. If an AIDS DEER band comes along, I’m never listening to an animal band again.

How Bad Is the Financial Crisis? Ask the Brazilians

October 6, 2008


“I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what’s happening… This is panic.”

These were the words of Zeina Latif, an economist for ING in Sao Paulo, in regards to today’s losses by the Bovespa index, Sao Paulo’s stock exchange. Trading had to be stopped twice over the course of the day — attempts to stop the bleeding as Bovespa traded down over 15% this morning. Add this to recent reports that foreign aid is likely to dry up as the bailout takes affect, and the outlook for the developing world isn’t looking to good as the global financial crisis continues. It’s a stark reminder of how while we suffer here in the U.S., the effects of our crisis are amplified around the world. 

Update: I found the above article translated to English. Thanks Reuters for still reporting on Latin America. 

[Brazil currency, stocks sink, halting trading twiceReuters]

We’re Legit!

October 5, 2008

So, it’s official. Greenwood Heights is now a destination for “creatives, freelancers and hipsters who have had it with the North Brooklyn scene.” Whatever that means. What the article leaves out is that Greenwood Heights is super cheap, extremely safe, and an incredibly unpretentious neighborhood — at least for the time being. Although if you’re to believe the article, 5th Ave. is only a couple months away from becoming the next Bedford Ave. Say it ain’t so Joe!

Anyway, I guess our “micro-hood” needs a blog. So here it is.